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Basic Handgun Training
Due to the high cost of ammunition, we utilize the LASERSHOT shooting simulator. LASERSHOT is the same simulator used by Law Enforcement and Military to improve accuracy and eye-hand coordination. The LASERSHOT system allows the Instructors to identify and correct common issues with grip, trigger control, and site alignment. This is no-nonsense training. We train you in Gun Safety to Basic Gunfighting. Plan to work hard for 5-6 hours.
Pre-register at Team Tom Fitness or call 970-506-1609
Schedule:   April 13, 2016  5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
April 30, 2016  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Skills Drills

Why spend windshield time and valuable ammo at the range shooting stationary targets? Skills Drills utilizes the latest in Laser Technology to improve your reaction and accuracy. Skills Drills include Marksmanship drills, Moving targets, Hostage drills, time reduction drills, transitional drills, and many more. After training with Skills Drills, your accuracy and speed will improve. Save your ammo for when you want to impress your friends.
Instructor-led and Self-paced.
Group Discount will apply.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) 
Viking Tactical and Timberwoolfe are providing an introductory Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) class. This class teaches the skill set and knowledge to provide basic trauma life saving skills  including self aid and buddy aid for direct and indirect threat.

TC3 is built around three phases:
  1. Care under Fire - Care rendered at the scene of the injury while both the caregiver and casualty are under hostile fire.
  2. Tactical Field Care - Rendered once the casualty is no longer under hostile fire.
  3. Tactical Evacuation Care - Rendered while the casualty is evacuated to a higher level of care.

Instructor Bio: 
Troy Osborne, EMT-P, TCCC

Troy Osborne has over 20 years of experience in EMS. While working in EMS he has functioned as a front line paramedic, Field Instructor, Division Chief, Tactical Medic operator and Tactical Medic Instructor. He has been actively involved with education programs during his time and has instructed at the college level with regards to EMT courses, Paramedic courses, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support, Anatomy and Physiology and Tactical Combat Casualty Care courses.  Troy has also lectured and held Tactical Medic courses for the Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association conference, Colorado Department of Corrections SRT and regional trauma conferences. Currently Troy is a Division Chief with a large EMS agency in northern Colorado that runs an average of 19,000 calls per year. Troy has been involved with SWAT and Tactical EMS teams for over 10 years and is currently the Tactical EMS team leader and operator for the Greeley Police Department and Weld County Sheriff’s Department SWAT teams.  Troy is also the current Tactical Emergency Medical Services Chair for the Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association.

Class Information
Date: Contact Timberwoolfe for the next series - Series starts in March 2016
Location: Team Tom Fitness, Greeley CO
Cost: $60 per class/Four Classes
Wound care products will be available for purchase. These are not your standard “boo-boo bag” first aid products. Troy will be offering real trauma products that he recommends and uses.
If you take your’ training seriously, you will not want to miss this vital class.

Women's Action Contact:
Team Tom Fitness Center, 
1727 Greeley Mall, Greeley CO.  970-515-6702
Contact TeamTom for dates and time. 
Cost: $10

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