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Fear Nothing!
Timberwoolfe LLC provides personal defense training covering the entire force continuum, from Presence to Lethal Weapon. Everyone should learn how to protect themselves from predators.

Quit being a "Sheep" and become a "Sheepdog". Do not fear the Wolf! Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Basic Handgun Safety: This class satisfies the requirement for Concealed Carry Authorization. Utilizing the latest in laser technology to provide a safe and inexpensive learning environment. This course begins with a lecture and finishes with drills that you can use to become safe and proficient  with a handgun. Taught by NRA Certified Instructors, this class is informative and fun. Class is five (5) hours in length.
Cost: $80
Judgemental Training: Shoot/Don't Shoot training solution that places the student in a scenario where they have to react accordingly and demonstrate the proper use of force. The instructor controls the scenario outcome based upon the students interaction.  Class is four (4) hours in length.
Cost: $120
TC3: Tactical Combat Casualty Care is becoming the standard of care for tactical management of casualties and is the sole standard of care endorsed by the American College of Surgeons and National Association of EMTs. Instructor: Troy Osborne, Viking Medical.
Women's Action Combat: Fighting back works! Women need to know how to turn the tables on the attacker. We teach simple strikes, kicks, and how to get our of holds. Learn to fight like a Wildcat, because your life depends on it. This class includes both cardio and attack. Be prepared to work. Sessnions last one (1) hours.
Cost: $10 per session. Only at TeamTom Fitness.


Timberwoolfe LLC 
2913 41 Avenue
Greeley CO 80634

Class Schedule
9/18/15 Basic Handgun Safety at Team Tom

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